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This Consulting Services Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into on ______between Glink Apps International, a Wyoming corporation ("Company"), having its principal registered address at 9358 Valley Blvd., 1st Floor, Rosemead, CA 91770, U.S.A. and the representative of the purchaser, Mr/Mr:________ an individual, ("Consultant") The Company and Consultant agreed to collaborate in the following agreement:

  1. Party A: Glink Apps International is the owner of the original oil paintings by David Chinh Truong and other items carrying the corporation's own mark, sold to a purchaser identified as party B.

  2. The purchaser is permitted to the copyright ownership: The right to reproduce or print artworks, as well as the right to trade in limited editions and quantities specified by the corporation.

  3. Purchaser may receive from the company a version of the artwork, or the original one, or the purchaser can take it to the printing house or factory to copy it in the quantity from 01 copy to 1000 copies depending on the value of the order.

  4. Purchaser shall have the right to retail and wholesale these artworks to other customers or use them to show in their homes or in corporate offices or commercial centers...

  5. The purchase price shall be from 100.00 USD to 1,000,000.00 USD for a duplicate copy with a certificate number or an original document with a signature and certificate. The purchaser's license or copyright is not transferrable to another party.

  6. The purchaser shall be permitted title to the original painting, or to a copy or a license to reproduce the original artwork. Additionally, the purchaser shall receive a certificate of common stock issued internally by Glink Apps International Inc., which will be traded on stock exchanges in accordance with the US Securities Act of 1933, which applies to exchanges such as OTC Markets, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and Nasdaq. The purchaser's free shares may be exchanged for other shares in the Glink group's member organizations.

  7. Purchaser shall have seventy-two (72) hours in which to raise a cancellation of this said agreement. If Purchaser fails to accept said license or original artwork within 72 hours, Purchaser shall return said license or original artwork in the same condition that it was received (original condition) to Seller for a refund of 60% of the purchase price and the refund time shall be from 1 week to ninety (90) days from the agreement cancellation raised. The Purchaser shall return all of the copy, the copyright ownership or the original artwork with all the shares that had gave to the Purchaser in this time in the same condition that it was received (original condition) ...... (The Purchaser commits to Party A and completely carries out the purchase-related rights and obligations that have been established and documented in writing with legal validity).
    The Purchaser commits to Party A: The Purchaser shall use idle cash to purchase works of art in oil, lacquer, and other synthetic materials (oil copies, prints, or copyrights) ...... (Note: Do not use the monthly family living money to purchase these artworks of Glink Apps International.

  8. The Purchaser undertakes with Party A: Fully responsible for the purchase agreed to this agreement without being dependent on objectively encouraging or coercing, I am fully awake and responsible for purchasing these artworks.

  9. The Purchaser will almost certainly spend his free time educating others about the opportunity to work together to develop the company in order to benefit from the company's stock and rewards equal to the amount of money spent by Party B on the paintings in order to contribute shares to the corporation's development and the advancement of the Protestant Church's missionary work, which includes building churches, chapels, houses of love, and sponsoring charitable events. This is considered philanthropic activity because it benefits society by enabling the Glink community to grow sustainably and by providing genuine value jobs to everyone, spiritually and physically rich, and the ability to contribute to a more just society.

  10. The Purchaser undertakes with Party A: Has agreed to sign an agreement on the preservation of the company's secrets and does not misrepresent, erroneously or provide untrue information of the company including working or not working in order to damage and ruin the business of the corporation. Violations of the aforementioned rules might result in penalties of tens of millions of dollars, depending on the company's damages in court.

  11. The Purchaser agrees to the following obligations to Party A: to guarantee and agree to this agreement, which will take effect on the day of participation; if anything goes wrong, Party B will be eligible for damages under US and international law.

  12. Party A. Have analyzed the group's materials available on the company's website, as well as the documents issued on paper by Glink Apps International Inc., as well as the chapters in the forms before deciding to participate in the company's purchase.

On behalf of Glink Apps International Inc.








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